Preview features

List of current preview features

Preview features in Dapr are considered experimental when they are first released.

Runtime preview features require explicit opt-in in order to be used. The runtime opt-in is specified in a preview setting feature in Dapr’s application configuration. See How-To: Enable preview features for more information.

For CLI there is no explicit opt-in, just the version that this was first made available.

Current preview features

Feature Description Setting Documentation Version introduced
–image-registry flag in Dapr CLI In self hosted mode you can set this flag to specify any private registry to pull the container images required to install Dapr N/A CLI init command reference v1.7
Resiliency Allows configuring of fine-grained policies for retries, timeouts and circuitbreaking. Resiliency Configure Resiliency Policies v1.7
Service invocation without default content-type When enabled removes the default service invocation content-type header value application/json when no content-type is provided. This will become the default behavior in release v1.9.0. This requires you to explicitly set content-type headers where required for your apps. ServiceInvocation.NoDefaultContentType Service Invocation v1.7

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