The documentation you are viewing is for Dapr v1.8 which is an older version of Dapr. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Redis Streams

关于Redis Streams pubsub组件的详细文档


要设置Redis Streams pubsub,请创建一个类型为pubsub.redis的组件。 See this guide on how to create and apply a pubsub configuration.

kind: Component
  name: redis-pubsub
  namespace: default
  type: pubsub.redis
  version: v1
  - name: redisHost
    value: localhost:6379
  - name: redisPassword
    value: "KeFg23!"
  - name: consumerID
    value: "myGroup"
  - name: enableTLS
    value: "false"


字段 必填 详情 Example
redisHost Y Redis的连接地址. If "redisType" is "cluster" it can be multiple hosts separated by commas or just a single host localhost:6379, redis-master.default.svc.cluster.local:6379
redisPassword Y Redis的密码 无默认值 可以用secretKeyRef来引用密钥。 "", "KeFg23!"
consumerID N 消费组 ID "mygroup"
enableTLS N 如果Redis实例支持使用公共证书的TLS,可以配置为启用或禁用。 默认值为 "false" "true", "false"
redeliverInterval N The interval between checking for pending messages to redelivery. Defaults to "60s". "0" disables redelivery. "30s"
processingTimeout N The amount time a message must be pending before attempting to redeliver it. Defaults to "15s". "0" disables redelivery. "30s"
queueDepth N The size of the message queue for processing. 默认值为 "100". "1000"
并发(Concurrency) N The number of concurrent workers that are processing messages. 默认值为 "10". "15"
redisType N The type of redis. There are two valid values, one is "node" for single node mode, the other is "cluster" for redis cluster mode. Defaults to "node". "cluster"
redisDB N Database selected after connecting to redis. If "redisType" is "cluster" this option is ignored. 默认值为 "0". "0"
redisMaxRetries N Maximum number of times to retry commands before giving up. Default is to not retry failed commands. "5"
redisMinRetryInterval N Minimum backoff for redis commands between each retry. Default is "8ms"; "-1" disables backoff. "8ms"
redisMaxRetryInterval N Maximum backoff for redis commands between each retry. Default is "512ms";"-1" disables backoff. "5s"
dialTimeout N Dial timeout for establishing new connections. Defaults to "5s". "5s"
readTimeout N Timeout for socket reads. If reached, redis commands will fail with a timeout instead of blocking. Defaults to "3s", "-1" for no timeout. "3s"
writeTimeout N Timeout for socket writes. If reached, redis commands will fail with a timeout instead of blocking. Defaults is readTimeout. "3s"
poolSize N Maximum number of socket connections. Default is 10 connections per every CPU as reported by runtime.NumCPU. "20"
poolTimeout N Amount of time client waits for a connection if all connections are busy before returning an error. Default is readTimeout + 1 second. "5s"
maxConnAge N Connection age at which the client retires (closes) the connection. Default is to not close aged connections. "30m"
minIdleConns N Minimum number of idle connections to keep open in order to avoid the performance degradation associated with creating new connections. 默认值为 "0". "2"
idleCheckFrequency N Frequency of idle checks made by idle connections reaper. Default is "1m". "-1" disables idle connections reaper. "-1"
idleTimeout N Amount of time after which the client closes idle connections. Should be less than server’s timeout. Default is "5m". "-1" disables idle timeout check. "10m"
maxLenApprox N Maximum number of items inside a stream.The old entries are automatically evicted when the specified length is reached, so that the stream is left at a constant size. Defaults to unlimited. "10000"



Dapr CLI将自动为你创建和设置一个Redis Streams实例。 当你执行dapr init时,Redis实例将通过Docker安装,组件文件将在默认目录下创建。 (默认目录位于$HOME/.dapr/components (Mac/Linux) ,%USERPROFILE%\.dapr\components (Windows)).

您可以使用 helm 在我们的 Kubernetes 集群中快速创建 dapr 实例。 这种方法需要安装Helm

  1. 安装 Redis 到你的集群:

    helm repo add bitnami
    helm install redis bitnami/redis
  2. 执行kubectl get pods来查看现在正在集群中运行的Redis容器。

  3. 在您的redis.yaml文件中添加redis-master:6379作为redisHost。 例如:

        - name: redisHost
          value: redis-master:6379
  4. 接下来,我们会获取到我们的Redis密码,根据我们使用的操作系统不同,密码也会略有不同:

    • Windows:执行kubectl get secret --namespace default redis -o jsonpath="{.data.redis-password}" > encoded.b64,这将创建一个有你的加密后密码的文件。 接下来,执行certutil -decode encoded.b64 password.txt,它将把你的redis密码放在一个名为password.txt的文本文件中。 复制密码,删除这两个文件。

    • Linux/MacOS:执行 kubectl get secret --namespace default redis -o jsonpath="{.data.redis-password}" | base64 --decode并复制输出的密码。

    将此密码设置为redis.yaml文件的redisPassword的值。 例如:

        - name: redisPassword
          value: "lhDOkwTlp0"